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AVIC BIAM developed graphene electronic packaging material


Research Center of Graphene Applications, AVIC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials (AVIC BIAM) made a new research progress in the application of graphene materials. A series of new generation high performance electronic packaging materials with controllable linear expansion coefficient were obtained by adding graphene nanosheets into aluminum matrix. Dr. Xudong Wang introduced that this technology is based on the character of high thermal conductivity of graphene materials. The new graphene electronic packaging material can be widely applied as T/R component packaging material in active phased-array radar and for high power IGBT substrate preparation.

The linear expansion coefficient of the this electronic packaging material can be adjusted in the range of 9.0~16.0×10-6 C-1. The thermal conductivity coefficient of material (TC, 25 oC) is larger than 230 W/(m∙K), and three-point bending strength exceeds 500 MPa. Compared with Al-Si material, the thermal conductivity of this new material is increased by two times and strength is enhanced by 90%. Compared with Al-SiC material, thermal conductivity is improved by 50% while the price is just 50%.

Contact: Ms. Zhang, Research Center of Graphene Applications, AVIC BIAM

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