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AVIC BIAM developed graphene materials for wires and cables


Based on the previous researches on graphene/Al, graphene/Cu and graphene/polymer composites, Research Center of Graphene Applications, AVIC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials (AVIC BIAM) made an important breakthrough in design and preparation technology of graphene aluminum conductive wires. This next generation graphene/Al conductive wire features both the strength of Al alloy wires and the conductivity of pure Al. Meanwhile, an achievement in design and preparation technology of graphene/Cu contact and conductor has been made, which is expected to reduce copper wire consumption dramatically and increase transmission capacity. BIAM has also successfully developed semi-conductive shielding graphene material used in concentric high voltage wire.

These proprietary technologies have laid a solid foundation for the applications of graphene materials in the wires and cables.

Contact: Ms. Zhang, Research Center of Graphene Applications, AVIC BIAM

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