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AVIC BIAM developed ultra-lightweight graphene macroform materials with strong adsorption performance used for environmental purification


“A series of graphene macroform materials, including graphene sponge, graphene aerogel and graphene fibrous porous material featured ultra-lightweight, remarkable adsorption behavior and outstanding filtration capacity, have been recently developed”, said Dr. Cheng Yang, director of the Research Center of Graphene Applications, AVIC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials. The absorbance performance of these new materials to noxious gases, such as formaldehyde, SO2 and ammonia gas, is larger than 100 mg/g. In the case of organic pollutants (methyl blue, methyl orange, cyclohexane and tetrachloromethane, etc.), the amount is more than 20 g/g. For the typical components in the flue gas (resorcinol, citral, isovaleric acid, NDMA, linolenic acid and pyridine, etc.), the absorbed quantity exceeds 10g/g. The density of these materials is less than 0.04 g/cm3, and it shows a great potential in a wide range of application such as air purification, water remediation and flue gas absorption. They are capable of being fabricated to air-filters for replacing activated carbon in the air purification equipment, or formed to oil absorbent felt for dealing with oil pollution of the sea, or synthesized to filter used in the bag/wet-type dust collector for removing dust.

Contact: Ms. Zhang, Research Center of Graphene Applications, AVIC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials

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