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Baimtec Material Co., Ltd., share-holding company of AVIC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials was set up on April 10, 2000, with registered capital of 175 million RMB. It is located in the world famous Zhongguancun high and new technology park zone, and is designated as the high and new technology enterprise by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and National Ministry of Science and Technology. BAIMTEC is devoted to the research, development, manufacture and sales of high and new technology products based on aeronautical new materials, new process, and new technology. The main products include titanium precision castings used in aviation, space, chemical, sports & recreation, civil aircraft brakes materials and device, and medical implants used in bio-medicine engineering, and carbon braking composite products used in sports equipment.

Baimtec has four business divisions: precision casting engineering division, Jinghang biomedicine engineering division, aircraft brakes assemblies division, and composite material engineering division.


AVIC BIAM New Materials Technologies & Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as BIAM New Materials) was set up in 1996, is a high and new technology enterprise held by AVIC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials. It undertook IPO on July 1, 2009 with stock code 430056.

The company is engaged in the R&D, production, sales and coating of advanced functional coatings. It provides aviation-used coating technology for the Chinese national defense and economy. It provides the most professional solution for coating.

The company owns over 20 patents, works out over 10 national and industrial standards. Its self-developed products are applied in nearly 100 key projects, such as Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Three Gorges Bridge, etc. Meanwhile, the temperature resistant coating and the protective coating produced by BIAM New Materials are successfully applied respectively in the Olympic Torch and the Portrait of Chairman Mao. This demonstrates that BIAM New Materials is growing into a pioneering enterprise in high-end special coatings.


BIAM Alloys Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as BIAM Alloys), being held by AVIC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, is engaged in the recycling and sales of titanium alloy and superalloy revert scraps.

BIAM Alloys has the technology and management experience in titanium alloy, and superalloy revert remelting. It has an advanced production line for the whole process, such as shredding, cleaning, briquette, impurity removal, magnetic separation of scraps. The scraps would meet technical requirement of recycled remelting.

BIAM, as the parent company of BIAM alloys, has introduced the most advanced key equipments, e.g. plasma cold hearth vacuum melting furnace. These equipments provide good condition for technology R&D and remelting production of BIAM alloys.

The company is devoted to develop the remelting technology system for titanium alloy, superalloy, set up remelting product line of titanium alloy and superalloy, and work out technical documentations and standards for the application of remelting products in aerospace and civilian areas. Now it continues to make efforts in producing remelting alloy ingots meeting military and civil technical standards in large scale.


BIAM United Co., Ltd. was set up on Dec. 31, 2009. With the strong research capability and technical support from BIAM, it is devoted to develop high and new tech industry serving national railway construction and build advanced material technology platform supporting railway equipment. The company has 1 independent R&D technical center and 2 modern industrial base. It has developed various advanced products used in railway, such as braking, vibration absorber, sealing, section bar, etc. It has worked out Technical Specifications for Rubber Products used in Rail Wagon Braking System; it is granted several national patents for scientific research.

 To meet needs of the market and customer, BIAM United Co., Ltd. develops successively 55 products of 5 series. Among them, many products are under trial production stage. They are Y sealing ring (6 kinds), sealing ring and gaskets (17 kinds), rubber diaphragms (5 kinds), sandwich valve (6 kinds), O ring (21 kinds). Part of these products has already entered into the market.

The company has 60 staff in total, including 2 research fellows and 5 senior engineers.

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